The Nigerian Twittersphere has been sent into overdrive following the discovery that some people paid a lady N75,000 for classes on WhatsApp, an instant messaging platform.

It all started on Monday, when Glory Osei, a Lagos-based entrepreneur, accused of fraud and maltreatment in October, delivered a comeback Twitter thread that provoked reactions.

In the wake of these reactions, an internet user (@DaughterOf_eve) took to the microblogging platform to accuse Moe, a financial attorney, of defrauding some of her students. She also alleged the lawyer had refused to refund the N75,000 paid for classes on WhatsApp.

“Since Glory Osei is trending, gorimapa Pablo Escobar, it’s also time to call out another fraudstress, Mochievous, for defrauding some of her students, refused to respond to their emails and refund the N75k paid for a WhatsApp class back. I have receipts. I give you till tomorrow,” she wrote.


While the lawyer has rejected the accusations, the discovery that people paid a “whopping” N75,000 for a WhatsApp class has stirred up a lot of conversation on the microblogging platform.

“I swear there are levels to this thing o. 75k for Whatsapp Class? Na Harvard? You better be ready to teach me how to disappear,” said a user.

“75k for WhatsApp classes what are you people learning,” a Twitter user asked.

“It’s a fact that most of you own smartphones that are smarter than you. Please before you pay another Baldinho 75k for WhatsApp classes, look up the “subject matter” on Youtube, yes same YouTube you only visit to watch the latest Nollywood movies. No dull yourself,” another user said.

Here is what some Nigerians had to say:



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