Undoubtedly, social media is an integral part of our daily lives as it’s the easiest way to catch up with information and trends.


If anyone brings up the thought of leaving social media, the first reaction they would surely get is disbelief — because who would ever think of quitting social media in this “civilised” age?

Here are seven things that will happen after you quit social media.

Are you still alive?


That’s the question most people will ask you when they finally see or hear from you – after being off social media for a long time.

Free advice: you don’t have to explain your decision to everyone because most of them will not understand.

If you had the reputation of taking decisions that betray popularly accepted logic, they will simply say you have come up with one of your irrational decisions so do yourself a favour, don’t explain.


More time

Time is something no one seems to have enough of. When you quit social media, one of the first things you will notice is that you will have more time on your hands.

This could translate to boredom to some people and the temptation to return to social media will be great. At this point, the

At this point, the faint-hearted would give up. The only way to get through this phase is to keep busy with old or new hobbies.


You know your real friends

10, 000 followers on Twitter, 50,000 on Instagram and 30,000 on Facebook; all these are mere figures.

Leaving social media will help you separate your friends from the crowd.

You will be content with what you have


The way social media works is that you will be tempted to create a niche for yourself and all you subconsciously do is to improve your image within that niche.

When you leave, you will be allowed to live at your own pace and you will be content with what you have.

There’s no latest gadget or colour combination you absolutely have to try out, you are free from keeping up with the Joneses.

You enjoy the moment


If you attend a concert in this present age, a common sight you’d be sure to see is people holding out their phones to get a good shot or video.

Social media apps like Snapchat and Instagram have made live updates easy and people now look forward to sharing updates instead of enjoying the moment.

When you don’t have to worry about updates, you can enjoy the moment without having to wonder if you got a clear video or picture.

Goodbye stalkers

Stalkers are everywhere on the social media and they can be very annoying.

They flood your inbox with messages, retweet or favourite every tweet and like every post; some of them even try to start a conversation at 6am in the morning.

Although you have the option of blocking these people, you get rid of them for good when you leave social media.

Increased productivity

When you post something online, you wonder how many people have commented or liked your post, you like or reply every comment and try to reply all messages so you do not appear rude or proud.

All that energy can be directed to other things.

When you leave social media, you are free of the distractions and can concentrate on the tasks at hand making you more productive.

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