It’s the weekend and what better way to spend it than to make the best of it.


There is no better weekend lunch than the delicious duo of ofada rice with sauce and gizdodo.

Ofada rice


2 cups of ofada rice



Salt to taste


Pick out the stones and dirt from the rice

Boil a large pot of water


Wash the rice

Boil the rice for about thirty minutes

Remove the rice from the pot and drain till all the starch is removed

Add salt to taste


Put the rice back in the pot and leave to boil for about fifteen minutes.

Ofada sauce
Ofada sauce


One green bell pepper

12 Red scotch bonnet pepper

One red onion


500g assorted meat (Tripe, Cow skin etc)

500g beef

One piece of smoked fish

One piece of stockfish


Two cubes of seasoning

Two tbsp locust beans

One cup ground crayfish

Beef stock

Four tablespoons of palm oil

Salt to taste


Wash the peppers and the onions

Blend the peppers and the onions into a puree

Boil the pepper puree till all water dries up

Chop the assorted meat and fish

Place a large pot on medium heat and pour the palm oil

Leave the palm oil to bleach for ten minutes

Add the boiled pepper puree and fry for about ten minutes

Add the seasoning cubes and salt

Add the locust beans and ground crayfish and fry for five minutes

Put the assorted meat and fish in the pot and stir

Reduce the heat and cook the sauce till the oil floats to the top

Serve with ofada rice and enjoy



500g chicken gizzard

Three ripe plantains

Four tomatoes

Two Red pepper

One cup of groundnut oil

One piece of onion

Salt to taste

Seasoning cubes to taste



Wash the pepper and the tomatoes and blend to a smooth paste

Dice the plantain and fry to your taste

Wash the gizzard and chop it

Add the chopped gizzard and add seasoning cubes and thyme

Boil the gizzard till tender

Fry the gizzard when boiled till dark brown

Heat a medium sized pot and add the groundnut oil

Put the onions and fry till golden brown

Pour the blended pepper into the pot and add seasonings

Stir-fry for about 10 minutes

Add the fried gizzard and fried plantain and stir-fry for about two minutes

Serve hot with rice.

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