The fact that women are mostly affected by the crash of a relationship is hard to contest.


The world over, irrespective of culture, women are generally more in tune with their emotions than the opposite sex.

Women find it harder to let go of things as fast as men do, particularly the end of a relationship.

Here are the five post-breakup stages every woman is bound to go through – before eventually moving on.



This is when a girl/lady/woman finds it difficult to accept that things are finally over with her partner.

It is also at this stage that the woman begins to reminisce about all the good times in the relationship and what they could have possibly done better to make things work.



This is the point where the lady finally accepts the fact that it is over. At this stage, she starts to embrace reality and pick herself up while bracing for a life without him.


This is when she’s starting to get over him while loathing his guts at the same time. She becomes upset by most reminders of him and would often remember his inadequacies.


This is the stage where she despises him for breaking her heart or making her have to dump him, as the case may be.

Moving on

At this point, the woman is starting to get her groove back on. Her social life returns and old friends resurface. She, finally, accepts what’s happened, having had closure.



Then she stops hating him.

The hatchets have been buried and she has put the past behind her.

Armed with the mindset that it was probably never meant to be, she becomes cordial with him, and possibly end up forging a friendship.


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