Saida Boj, the influencer, and Portable, the controversial singer, have engaged in a heated war of words on social media.


The controversy started after Saida declared that any man who gives her N20 million will be allowed to “explore” any part of her body.

The influencer also described men as “cheap”, adding that she is “always happy” when women divorce their husbands.

Saida’s remarks, however, stirred mixed reactions on social media. Some users criticised her for misleading young women, while others defended her.


Joining the fray, Portable said the influencer is becoming a “nuisance on social media” while warning her not to “mislead ladies”.

In an Instagram post, Saida responded by hurling insults at Portable while describing him as “an ingrate” who “betrays people who help him”.

She also claimed the singer would not have a career without the help of other artistes.


“The dumbest part of my brain is more intellectually sound than your whole existence put together. We are not in the same level and it is humiliating to reduce myself to your level but let me do it this one time,” she said.

“… Throughout your career, you do not have one hit song you can boast of. If you do, tell me. Normally, if not for Olamide and Poco Lee who helped you, you will be under a bridge begging.

“Every small thing, street. Do you know what the street is? The street you talk about, who have you helped there? The people who helped you; you betrayed, insulted and cursed them. The ones who were with you before fame, you abandoned and humiliated them. You ungrateful little thing, self-centered animal.

“The ones you pretend to help and sign into your label, you used them for clout and abandoned them. Let me educate you about the street. You are supposed to be your brother’s keeper, don’t abandon them and also help them.


“… Portable, I dare you. If you are a musician, go into the studio and produce one hit song, I dare you. You can’t. You hide under people’s fame as a musician.

“Only inferior, weak and insecure men call women prostitutes. Well, I’m a classy one unlike those you call wives. You called me the first time, my management said I should you leave, you did again.

“Then you called me the third time with the wack song you made about me. That is disrespectful, to put my name in that wack song with a boring beat. Next time you want to call me out with a song, let it be a hit. Do not insult my person.”

In his reaction, Portable argued that he is “richer than Boj’s father” while daring her to show off her boyfriend, claiming he is fresher than him.


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