Income-sharing is an agreement between the parties involved in a relationship.


Traditionally, and especially around these parts, the husband assumes most of the responsibility, including financial but in modern homes, the women are getting involved.

BattaBox presenter Odunayo, took to the streets of Lagos, Nigeria to ask women whether they could surrender their income to their husbands.

“In this part of the world, submission is an important part of marriage, but would Nigerians submit their income to the husband at the end of every month?” Odunayo asked.


A young woman lady replied: “It’s not as if it’s bad, but I worked for it because I have bills to pay. No, why would I do that? It doesn’t make sense.

Another woman said: “Yes, of course, I would give my money to my husband. What concerns him, concerns me.”


Ladies, what would you do?

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