Chijioke Igwendu, the Nigerian comedian better known as Yanbaba, has broken his silence on the controversy surrounding a recent interview on his podcast.


The interview with Chinwe Splendor, the self-proclaimed realtor, went viral after she made controversial statements about the real estate sector and her educational background.

The lady claimed to have slept with lecturers to pass exams and bragged about having sexual relationships with real estate executives.

The interview went viral — with Splendour claiming that her university administration demanded the return of her certificate within 48 hours.


In the wake of the development, images of Yanbaba in handcuffs began circulating online.

The podcaster was also dropped by Pool King Global, a real estate firm, as their brand ambassador.

Addressing the situation in a Facebook post on Friday, Yanbaba said he uses dramatisation on his podcast to grab the audience’s attention.


He claimed that Splendor was not speaking about her own experiences, but rather the story of a realtor named Naomi.

He also criticised Pool King for reacting “emotionally” and challenged anyone who feels offended by him to take legal action.

“I always know how to get the attention that I want. You do not expect me to do things your way or the way it has been done before,” he said.

“I would not say that all our interviews are stories of people. There are certain stories that if we want to break on Gbam, we find a way to garnish it. We may not bring the exact person on set, but we get somebody to tell the story. That is what happened with the story of Naomi, it was a story about the real estate sector.


“One of the reasons I am also addressing this is because of my good friend, brother, and boss because, of course, he hired me to be his ambassador. I do not know why the tension is a little bit high.

“Pool King real estate, you did not have business with Yan Kontent factory, you did not have business with Gbam as an interview platform, you do not have business with Yanbaba comedian as a brand. You have business with Odogwu and Aisha, a registered business name. That is why you do not see your advert on every one of our pages, you just see it on Odogwu and Aisha. You allowed your emotions to take a better part of you and I am not just disappointed but I expected better from you.

“If anybody still feels like they have a case against me as a person or Chinwe, we are waiting for your lawyer.”


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