Are you ready to ask the question every lady desires to hear and you don’t know how to go about it?


Well if you are still having cold feet or you lack ideas on how to go about it, here are a few steps to take to achieve the perfect proposal

“Will you marry me?” could appear as four simple words but it sure comes with a challenge; you want to make it a memorable experience for her hence, it has to be a big one and you are probably thinking it has to be personalised to your relationship. Pressure then sets in.

You don’t have to get overwhelmed by it anymore; TheCable Lifestyle has some outstanding ideas that are creative, romantic and perfect to make your marriage proposal an unforgettable one.


Marriage proposal with friends and family

If your partner is someone who puts her family first and appears very close to them, then it would be an awesome proposal if they are involved.

You want to see that awe-struck expression on her face? Be conscious of the set of friends and family members; they must be tight-lipped to ensure your partner is caught unawares.


The gift

You could get a beautiful engagement ring and the idea is that you wrap the ring box inside several bigger boxes. Be sure you are there as she unwraps each layer of the gift so as to perform the main task.

Memorable location

Choose a place that is meaningful to your relationship; it could be where you first had your fist date.


Get a photographer

A photographer should be somewhere around the venue in order to capture the exciting moment. You could enlarge the picture and make it a surprise wedding gift to your bride.

Photo album proposal

On any of your outings, pick a date you want to propose and get a photo album ready.


In the album, arrange pictures of wonderful moments you’ve shared together and on the last page, put those romantic words “will you marry me” where you produce the ring as fast as possible.

If your relationship provides you with great happiness, you should be able to go out of your way to make that moment a great one.

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