Gideon Okeke, Nigerian actor, has narrated his recent experience trying to buy petrol from a black marketer amid the fuel scarcity in the country. 


Last week, the Nigerian Midstream and Downstream Petroleum Regulatory Authority (NMDPRA) discovered methanol-laden petrol in the supply chain.

Efforts to curb the supply of the off-spec products had led to long queues at fuel stations and created artificial scarcity for the product.

Black marketers have since taken advantage of the situation to sell the product at higher rates to Nigerians.


The development has also continued to elicit concerns across the country, with many people decrying the hardship caused by the fuel scarcity.

In an Instagram post on Friday, the actor claimed some black marketers sell a litre of fuel for as high as N5,000.

He also alleged that some black marketers now prefer to be patronised by suspected internet fraudsters better known as ‘yahoo yahoo’ boys because they don’t haggle prices with them.


“Dear friends, this country is in trouble. It’s bad enough that the black market sells one litre of fuel for N5k,” he wrote.

“Worse off, the fact that the black market dealer vehemently brags about only selling to Yahoo boys. Because dem nor dey price market. Anything you tell dem, dem go pay!

“The guy wan shame me for not being unscrupulous. This is fraud shaming…or No? Nigeria’s time will come.”


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