No one ever wishes to become a makeshift replacement for someone to get over a bad relationship.


Most people grow up hoping to find the love of their lives but despite the desire to love and be loved, life sometimes may have other plans — and they won’t always sit well with your dreams.

Humans live and interact. Time passes and new inventions come into place, however, one of the constant traits of humans is to love and be loved.

Being alone is not much fun, which explains why everyone desires a companion. So even when a bad relationship ends, many gravitate towards a rebound, either consciously or subconsciously.


As much as the rebound may try to make the relationship work, the damaged lover will, more often than not, hit self-destruct.

Here are certain signs which, if they occur often, may indicate that you are a rebound:

A lingering bitterness over the ex


If your partner constantly complains about a former lover, wife, husband or a past relationship, it means they are probably not fully over the emotional trauma and still have scars which may crop up to mar what you currently share.

A sudden burst of powerful emotions

If their emotions are erratic, unpredictable and unstable, there is a high chance they are yet to heal and you may just be a temporary cure.

Relationship moving fast yet slow at the same time


It is a sign that you are in a rebound relationship if when one moment, you seem to be crazy in love, and then your partner suddenly becomes distant and withdrawn. If this is your constant routine, perhaps, run… soon.

Tons of sex (a means of distraction)

For many who have been hurt, whether in a relationship or in other facets of life, having constant, almost daily sexual intercourse can be an easy escape. You may be a rebound if your partner wants to have sex more than you have actual conversations.

Knowing little


If you’ve been dating for 10 months but you still don’t know some vital information about your partner, you probably weren’t meant to know. You are most likely a rebound, a stop-gap lover.

In the end, it can be hard to tell, or even accept that one is a rebound, but sometimes relying on one’s intuition can help unravel the inclement truth.

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