Erumena Amata, the Nigerian woman who recently tied the knot at 64, says people told her that she would not get a husband due to her age.


Erumena, who is the sister to Fred Amata, Nollywood actor, became a sensation on social media platforms recently after a video of her wedding ceremony surfaced online.

In an interview with BBC Pidgin, Erumena described her marriage as “God’s work”, saying it came as a surprise to her critics.

“People told me that this one you haven’t married, you won’t see any man to marry. Some said even if I manage to get a husband, he would either be shorter than me or that I’d be 10 years older than him. They also said I would not find someone within my age bracket to marry,” she said.


“But God has done it, the man that I married is tall, and not only that, he is older than me. Isn’t that God’s work?”

She also recounted battling trauma during her search for love.

“I battled a lot of pains, especially when I attended the wedding and naming ceremony of a girl that I witnessed his birth,” she added.

Erumena Amata

Erumena said her husband is a widower, who lost his wife 10 years ago. She added that they started out as mutual friends before he asked for her hand in marriage.

She also said her strict moral principles while growing up could have played a part in why she got married very late.

“When l was growing, I was so thin and that made me lost confidence in myself. I also embraced high morality which may have affected me too because then, I wasn’t the typical ‘street-wise’ kid,” she added.

“I just followed that strict morality and engaged in absolute honesty, purity, selflessness and love. So, all that could have played a little part too.”


Fred had earlier disclosed that Erumena was ridiculed and tormented in the past because she couldn’t get married.

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