Imagine if your parents asked you to pay rent for living in their house once you clock 18?


Traditionally, children are the responsibility of their parents until they can fend for themselves.

But Mike Berry, managing director of a recruitment company and Joanne, his wife, a retired estate agent, earn about £7,200 annually in rent from their children, according to Mail Online. 

The children — Alex, a procurement officer aged 23, Sam, 21, who works in IT, and Jessica, 19, a personal advisor for a bank — each pay £200 a month to live in the four-bedroom family home in Bromley, south-east London.


Joanne said she could not allow her children stay at home for free, adding that she and Mike also paid rent to their own parents.

According to her, she and her husband are doing the children because “we believe we’re doing them a favour by teaching them houses are expensive and they need to learn to budget with their incomes”.

So, would you pay rents to your parents?


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