Parenting can be demanding, it requires a lot of hard work, perseverance and maturity.


No one is an expert parent and everyone should be willing to improve on their parenting skills.

Here are our two-cents on parenting.

Punishment doesn’t guarantee discipline


Know that discipline cannot be developed only through punishment; correct your kids with love, let them see reasons for the correction. It is essential they know that you want them to be competent and responsible.

Be a role model

Family is the smallest and perhaps the most important unit of the society, and as such, children inherit behaviour and certain attitudes they exhibit from their parents. Your kids are looking up to you; ensure you model appropriate, good and respectful behaviour.


Respect parenting differences

Arguing with your spouse when they are scolding the child(ren) is not too good. Criticising him/her will do more harm to your marriage and the kids’ sense of security, than good.

Try putting up with him/her in the kids’ presence and make necessary adjustments when you are both alone.

Give praise when they do good


Learn to compliment your children when you notice they’ve done something commendable; it encourages them to do more.

Take their health seriously

Ensure you stay updated on your kids’ health issues and encourage them to maintain proper hygiene.

It gives them a sense of responsibility and equally reminds them that their parents are there for them.


Treat them uniquely

Allot time to each of your kids and even if you love one more than another, don’t show it. It could affect the children psychologically. They are individuals, you should make them see the uniqueness in each of them.

Start early

It is good you get your kids moving, help them with activities that would develop their brain at an early stage.


Enjoy every bit of parenthood

Parenthood, as put by some, is the most exasperating job on planet earth but it’s important to enjoy every bit of it as it would be over in a short time, so enjoy the wonderful relationship while you have it.

If you don’t, you’ll wish you did.

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