Some separations can be so unbearable that even the weather would feel inclement, food would seem tasteless and everything would appear bland.


But it doesn’t always have to be painfully unbearable.

Here are six ways to make a break-up less painful.



Accept that it’s over

The first way to deal with a painful separation is by fully accepting that it is over. Don’t delude and hold yourself back with the pipe dream that something may still happen.

Accept reality and practice loving yourself; treat yourself with all the empathy and compassion you need.


Cry and mourn the relationship, if you must

You might have to let out the tears if need be.

If it would make you feel better, you can shed tears but also remind yourself that your happiness doesn’t depend on your ex.

Have a ‘parting of ways’ conversation with the lover


This is usually an emotional and equally awkward moment, however, it can be therapeutic.

It is good to assess the relationship, take stock of each other’s qualities and flaws, and see it as a chance for a new beginning.

Do the things your former ‘relationship’ prevented you from doing

To help you get past the hurt quickly, give yourself the permission to do things your previous relationship prevented you from doing.


Contact/visit loved ones and friends, party, flirt endlessly, and make new friends.

Find a rebound

After assessing the relationship and having dealt with what possibly caused the breakup, focus on the present by getting a rebound.

Getting into a serious relationship immediately might not be easy.


The hurt from the previous relationship can birth doubt that could affect your new relationship. So, take your time to get your footing and rediscover yourself by rebounding on someone.

Don’t fall in love with the rebound lover

See your rebound as a healing phase. Don’t get into a relationship even if you get attached to them.

Don’t give your all and be sure to remove yourself from the relationship once you feel you are strong enough to move on.

But then, many a rebound have led to marriages.

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