Infidelity can lead to the crash of even the strongest relationship; one that seems unshakable can end with a moment of unfaithfulness.


Partners engage in extramarital affairs for various reason but no matter what the reason is, infidelity is usually difficult to overcome, especially in marriage.

In dealing with infidelity, therapists and psychologists advise that:

The unfaithful partner should stop the affair at once


It is not possible to have your foot outside the home and still be able to keep your home together; one must go for the other to remain.

Explain why you did it

It will be helpful if the cheating partner can explain the reason for sleeping around.


It will help both of you fix the loopholes in the relationship, adjust and possibly provide what led the other party to cheat in the first place.

Be more accountable

After infidelity has rattled the foundation of a relationship, trust becomes fickle.

To eliminate every iota of doubt, partners might want to be more accountable and more open about their activities, such that they’ll leave no room for mistrust.


Start on a new foundation

This would make it easier to quickly get over what has happened.

Both parties might want to revisit their differences and fix whatever it is that caused the betrayal.

They should ask each other what they can do to reconnect and try tracing the root of the infidelity.


It is possible that a shortcoming may have prompted the affair.

Attend marriage therapy

Therapists advise that partners should attend classes that would taper the hurt they feel.

Weiner-Davis, a therapist, says “You really need to find a counselor or therapist who is pro-marriage, and can help get your relationship back on track”.



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