Keri Hilson, American singer and songwriter, has come under intense criticism on social media platforms over her theories linking the coronavirus outbreak to the 5G wireless network rollout in China.

The ‘Pretty Girls Rock’ crooner took to her Twitter page on Monday to share a series of tweets consisting of snapshots of “research”, claiming radiation emitted from 5G wireless technology is responsible for the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan.

“People have been trying to warn us about 5G for YEARS. Petitions, organizations, studies…what we’re going through is the effects of radiation. 5G launched in CHINA. Nov 1, 2019. People dropped dead. See attached & go to my IG stories for more. TURN OFF 5G by disabling LTE, ” she wrote.

The talented singer went on to say that coronavirus cases were not rampant in Africa because it is not a 5G region.

Hilson has however unleashed a floodgate of reactions on social media platforms especially Twitter, where users have lashed out at her.

“Please don’t spread misinformation. This has been debunked,” a Twitter user said.

“I saw Keri Hilson fine ass trending and thought something happened to her. Turns out she just stupid,” another user wrote.

Here are some top reactions to her claims:


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