Apostle Johnson Suleman, the general overseer of the Omega Fire Ministries International, has warned that any man in his church who physically assaults his wife will be dealt with.


During a recent sermon, the clergyman advised women in abusive marriages to separate while they are still alive.

He was speaking on Osinachi Nwachukwu, the gospel singer who died as a result of alleged domestic violence.

Suleman said those who choose to remain will only be buried if they die as a result of domestic violence.


He said any male church member whose assault of their wife is reported to him would be given a group beating.

“When I once said there are certain marriages that should break, there was nothing they didn’t say about me. That’s why I kept quiet now, or did you hear me say anything? But that’s what everyone is saying now,” Suleman said.

“You’re in a marriage. A man is beating you and you won’t leave? Stay there then. You’ll die and we’ll bury you. If I catch you in this church as a man beating your wife, we will beat you. I’m not joking. What is happening!


“All those women that their husbands are beating, don’t they have brothers? If they don’t have biological brothers, they have Christian brothers!

“If you are in this church and you are beating your wife, stop it. If she reports you to me, we will beat you. I will go to the police station and take permission before I gather brothers in this church to beat you.”

Suleman remarked that only “weak men” resort to physical assault to resolve marital disagreements.


“We will keep you in one room and beat you so you will know the feeling of a slap. The Bible only said thou shall not kill. It didn’t say thou shall not beat. Only weak men beat women, men that lack capacity,” he added.

“How did you get the woman? You talked. How do you keep the woman? You talk. You control a woman with your mouth, not your hand. When what your mouth should do, your hand does,  you’re an animal.

“Animals don’t even beat their partner. Any man that beats his wife is less than an animal. If the marriage is not working, everybody should go. You cannot die.

“Before ‘yes I do’ kills you, kill it. Because if you die, the man will marry somebody else.


“You have a brother as a lady and they’re beating you? All your brothers are useless. Invade the man’s house. All of you hold your hands together first, pray, and commit that beating to the hand of God.”

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