Nigerian singer, Oritse Femi, was allegedly assaulted by several bouncers at the Quilox club on Friday night.


The assault was said to have been prompted by the singer’s attack on a bouncer who ‘bounced’ A-list artistes from gaining entry into the VIP section.

A statement released by MSN Gang, the label to which the singer is signed, noted that he slapped a bouncer with a wine cup he was holding, only after being shoved.

“On Friday 11th November 2016, at exactly 2am at Quilox Night Club. Oritse Femi was attacked by a bouncer just because he was trying to stand for an older colleague and a friend.”


“The Double wahala & Ongba Larami singer was at Quilox on Friday trying to ease off stress with his friends at the VIP corner of the said club when he noticed a senior colleague and a brother Sound Sultan and Rock Steady were been bounced from entering the VIP section of the club.

“Oriste Femi who was not happy with the bouncers behavior stood up to ask the bouncer why he was putting up such attitude to An A list Artiste and a brother, the bouncer replied that an order was placed down by Shina Peller the CEO of the club that no A-list artist should be allowed into the VIP section, claiming the A-list artistes were not his costumers and they have no value at his club just because of his rift with Davido [Does that make any sense at all].

“After which, the bouncer told him to keep to his section or go join his colleague at the regular section. Femi who we all know to be a very humble and calm person accept the offer to join his colleague at the regular section but was pushed back by the bouncer.


“Before he could say Jack, the other bouncer was already rough handling him. Oriste Femi who was holding a cup of wine had to defend himself by slapping the bouncer with the wine cup which gave the bouncer a scar on the face.

“Without waiting for [an] explanation the other bouncers in the club came in and attack[ed] Oriste Femi and in [the] process of the attack Oriste Femi’s 8.5million Naira worth of jewelry was stolen by the club bouncers,.

“Before the crowd will stand up to protest against the club bouncers attitude, Oriste Femi was already injured. Even with the injury, he was held down by the bouncers and the management of the club claiming they were waiting for the arrival of police.

“On the arrival of police Oriste Femi and the bouncer were arrested and taken to the police station where the IPO in charge of the case ordered Oriste Femi to treat the injured bouncer which he did and even gave the bouncer extra cash for self-medication.


“The IPO also ordered the bouncer and the club management to provide Oriste Femi’s 8.5million naira worth of jewelry which he hasn’t received till now.

“These same Quilox was the same place Dammy Krane got messed up by bouncers. This same club was [where] Davido got confronted by this same bouncers what kind of club is this? Is that how our beloved country ambassadors should be treated? We should learn how to respect and support ourselves God bless you.

Sound Sultan has, however, denied being involved in the scuffle, noting that he was in the VIP section of his “cousin’s club”.

“Misinformation I was chilling in the VIP as every other time in my Cousins club ,” he wrote on his social media page.


About 48 hours after the incident, Oritse Femi who’s headlining the Arewa Osun beauty pageant in Osun, took a swipe at Shina Peller.

“The only Shina we know is… Sir Shina Peters,” he wrote on Twitter.

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