There is nothing like having a beautiful skin that glows and draws envy.

Besides that, you’ll agree that it feels great having people coo and argue over how lovely your skin looks and what beauty products help
in enhancing this glow.

However, there are times when your village people (a Nigerian term for every unfortunate event) send pimples (acne) your way and
viola, your lovely skin becomes invaded by their dreadful spots.

As easy as it is for acne to appear on faces, it is quite difficult for them to clear up.

However, as in the case of unfortunate events, there are remedies to acne attacks.

These three acne-fighting agents are natural, cost-friendly, and household friendly:


Cinnamon is essential in getting rid of acne. Asides its health benefits in reducing heart disease factors and reducing
blood sugar levels, cinnamon works wonders in rejuvenating the skin’s health.

Because of cinnamon’s spiciness, it has the tendency of pricking the skin. Applying either coconut oil or vaseline on the affected area before applying ground cinnamon powder will ensure you do not get pricked.

Tea tree oil

With its ability to get rid of blackheads and restore the clearness of skin, tea tree oil is another go-to for getting rid of acne.

You only need to apply a dab of this oil on the affected spot and in no time, your face will be as good as new.

Honey and lemon

Besides getting rid of acne individually, the mixture of honey and lemon is so effective for not only acne treatment but in exfoliating
the skin.

Lemons contain vitamin C acid that gets rid of acne-causing bacteria while honey’s mild and soothing properties combine to not
only get rid of acne, but leave your face brighter and exfoliated.

Lemons are also good in getting rid of dark armpit, knuckle and knee spots.

Bonus tips

1. Keep your hands off your face. A lot of people miss this but constant contact on the face triggers spots and acne attacks
because the hands contain bacteria from being involved in other activities.

2. Do not pop that acne. It is tempting but popping acne will not only scar the spot, but may also welcome other acne on the same area or surrounding area.

3. Many insist that toothpaste helps to combat acne overnight. Although this method is still very much controversial, it is advisable to go for pastes with lower amount of hydrogen peroxide and please, avoid using teeth whitening pastes.

4. Baking powder or soda also works wonders in getting rid of acne. However, it is advisable to be cautious when using them because excessive usage could leave your skin dry and damaged.

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