Eseghine Allen, a singer better known as Orezi, says Nigeria can’t be great until political leaders found culpable of crimes are being sent to jail.


The ‘Cooking Pot’ singer was reacting to the discovery of COVID-19 palliatives in warehouses across the country amid the unrest trailing the #EndSARS protest in a post on Sunday.

Lagos, Edo, Plateau, Osun and Kwara are among states that have had their warehouses raided over the past few days.

Quite a lot of Nigerians have slammed governments of the various states affected so far, accusing them of keeping palliatives meant for the people despite the widespread hunger.


Joining the fray, Orezi said the development was indicative of the country’s bad leadership, adding that Nigerian politicians are a good example of wickedness in high places.

“You embezzle billions of naira meant for COVID-19 relief funds for your personal aggrandizement. Like that was not enough, then you also go ahead to deny the people foodstuffs and items that are meant for them!!” he wrote on Instagram.

“Items that were freely donated to be shared for the people, the height of wickedness. When the Bible says wickedness in high places, it was definitely referring to Nigerian politicians. Nigerian leaders constantly leave my heartbroken. Bunch of wicked leaders with no human feelings whatsoever.


“The only reason politicians do this and have the nerve to sleep well at night is because they are not sleeping in Kirikiri yet. They commit all sort of crimes against the same people who put them in power.

“I repeat until our politicians start going to jail for all these broad daylight crimes with evidence staring at us in the eye, Nigeria will never be great.”

Several states including Plateau have, however, condemned the attack on their warehouses, explaining what informed the delay in the distribution of the palliatives.


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