Students of the Olabisi Onabanjo University (OOU) and the University of Ibadan (UI) say B Red, HKN artiste and Davido’s cousin, defrauded them during his ongoing campus tour.


The ‘Uju’ singer, whose real name is Adebayo Adeleke, visited OOU and UI on November 2 and 4 respectively.


Students of Olabisi Onabanjo University have accused him of collecting money realised from ticket sales without performing.

“@bredhkn, you are the worst artist I have ever seen! After you had lighten the hearts of oouites all you could do is to scam them. Collecting money for tickets/tables and drove off,” a former student of OOU wrote on Instagram.



“It’s better you stop the trash campus tour you claim to be doing. University of Ibadan should not fall for this mofos trick, claiming he is on campus tour.”


Another student said: “It’s not an accusation, it’s d truth. The guy just come, high, collect change, no performance and delete just like that.”


At the University of Ibadan, Temitope Awolusi, a member of the organising team of the concert, told TheCable Lifestyle that B Red went against the initial agreement and took away the money realised from ticket sales.

“He came around on Saturday for the show, he said he was going to bring Wale Turner and Lil Kesh but he only came with Wale Turner,” Awolusi said.

“Tickets were sold N500. At the beginning, he said he wanted someone from his team to be collecting ticket money and we allowed that. After the show, he also went on club tour. He went to Mauve and all.


“The whole scenario happened the next day, we had relied on the arrangement with the organiser, that’s the guy that brought us on board. And the koko was that the proceeds from the tickets would be shared and personally, I don’t understand the agreement the guy had with him because B Red did not contribute any money towards the show despite the show being in his name.

“We got the venue, printed tickets, got sounds and even vehicles with our money. We did all that because we are student entrepreneurs and we’re trying to learn, build experience and profile besides the profit from the show would be our own gain.

“So we practically put all our efforts for it to work out only for him to carry the money and leave. He stylishly threatened the guy holding the money with koboko. The guy was inside the vehicle with him going to the hotel. They told the driver to stop and they rolled down the window, bought koboko (horsewhip) and the next thing was that he asked for the money from the show.

“Even when he collected it, we still thought when they get to the hotel, that’s where they will do the whole thing. But when they got to the hotel, they made it difficult to access B Red himself.


“From there again, the vehicle we arranged for Wale Turner, his crew refused to hand it over until we pay them N50k for performance. And we were surprised because B Red was supposed to handle the payment. At first they took the vehicle away, it was when news was going round that they told DJ MSparks to come and pick it up. When he went there to pick the vehicle, they beat him up.

“We eventually gave Wale Turner some money. B Red was the one that said he was going to bring Wale Turner and Lil Kesh. The normal thing is for the team to make the arrangements then the gains from the show will be shared, some can be 40:60 depending on the school.

“I’m not sure of the arrangements but in this case, he didn’t drop anything and went to post it on his Snapchat, spreading money on his bed.”

B Red began his campus tour in October.

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