Oluwadolarz, the skit maker, has given his opinion on the overt sexualisation of women in the comedy industry.


In a chat with HipTV, the comedian said although he is not in support of the sexualisation of women in skits, there are some content and storylines that would need them to do that.

Buttressing his point, Oluwadolarz said the same is applicable in music and movie; implying women are sexualised in both industries.

He also urged people to stop complaining about “morals” in order to enjoy comedy.


“Let me just be very blunt, make dem just free us basically,” the skit maker said.

“Because now they complained about exposing women’s bodies, they also complain if we do something else.

“Let’s say we do something about Yahoo now, they will also complain.


“So I don’t feel like you have to like, if you want to enjoy comedy, you have to take out this moral thing you guys are talking about.

“I’m not saying it is good to expose women’s bodies in your content, but sometimes there’s some kind of storyline that just needs that exposure.

“There are some content and storylines that would need us to do that, even movies, they do it in movies, music, and everywhere.

“The other ones that over-sexualize, I don’t know what to say about that.”


In recent times, there have been concerns about the objectification and sexualisation of women and children in skits.

In May last year, Mr Macaroni was accused of portraying nurses as sex objects in one of his latest skits.

In his reply, the comedian said the skit was not meant to degrade nurses.

Mr Macaroni also pointed out that he was not going to stop making skits about women because of the criticism.


Officer Woos, another comedian, disclosed that skit makers tend to sexualise women in their videos because it generates massive views.

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