Ogbu Eme, a Nigerian author, has come through with ‘Not Too Young to Run’, his latest book, which addresses children participation in the country’s political process.


In a statement sent to TheCable Lifestyle, Eme said the book was inspired by the continued disregard for children on issues relating to governance in Nigeria.

The Port Harcourt-based author and bilingual educator said children should not be treated as second-class citizens who are only seen but whose voices are never heard.

According to him, the book, published in May, follows the story of Simi, a nine-year-old girl whose efforts change the narrative for the children of Port Winkle after year’s of exclusion from the region’s political process.


“Drawing on the Not Too Young to Run Bill signed by President Muhammadu Buhari in 2018, this book makes a case for children’s inclusion in governance. Plus, the Nigerian electorate can learn about voting the right way from children,” the statement read.

“Nine-year-old Simi is worried about the future of Port Winkle children. The problem is children in Port Winkle are treated as second-class citizens without a say in the things that matter to them. 

“But children have rights, and they should not only be seen but heard. For this to happen, Simi decides that what Port Winkle needs is a government of children, by children, for children.


“Her letter to the governor of the city opens up the opportunity for Port Winkle children to go to the polls to choose their own government. Yet, the hardest part is ensuring that the election is not stolen by Wayo Padiman, a wily candidate who lures other children with his Ignominy Noodles.” 

Eme has won several awards as well as recognition for his books on children.

In 2019, ‘The Zappinator’, one of his books, snagged the African Writers Award for Children’s Literature.


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