This year’s Valentine’s Day is finally here. While the occasion is considered as a season of sharing, giving and spreading love to those around us, the buzz is often about couples and those in romantic relationships as well as the perceived “dilemma” of singles. 


If you’re in the category of those without lovers, there is no need to worry. Valentine’s Day can as well be fun for singles. They can celebrate the day with important people in their lives.

Below are four people you can celebrate Valentine’s Day with and still have a great time.

  • Yourself

Yes, be your own val. There is no other person who deserves your love more than yourself. So, celebrate yourself on Valentine’s Day. You have been amazing through the year so you deserve it. You were the only one who went through all of those stress and struggles just by yourself so it’s time to care and pamper yourself.


Take yourself out, try out that thing you have always wanted to do, treat yourself to a nice spa date, watch that movie or series you had in mind. Life is short, so enjoy it.

  • Your parents

When last did you celebrate your parents? Mum and dad deserve love and care too, so take this day as an opportunity to celebrate them.

They showed you love and care since you were born so it’s time to pay them back. Have a good parents and child conversation, take them out for a date, share and make memories with them, gift them something special and make them happy.

  • Friends

You can make Valentine’s Day a bestie day out. We all have that friend who is always there for us when none showed up; the one who has been more than a friend to us. So, Valentine’s Day is a good day to celebrate that friendship.

You can decide to surprise them with your visit, plan a date together, make memories together, give them something special. Moreover, Valentine’s Day is for love sharing and it isn’t mandatory to celebrate romantic love only, so celebrating friendship love isn’t a bad idea, right?

  • The less privileged

Yes, they deserve to be loved too. Valentine’s Day is attributed with sharing and loving so showing affection to the less privileged isn’t a bad thing to do. You can try to give back to the society with the little you have. Visit an orphanage or home for the disabled on Valentine’s Day, gift them and make them feel happy and special too. Trust me, you will be highly appreciated and remembered.

Let no one pressure you. Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you should be left out of the celebration of love. You still have some love in your life, celebrate it in your own little way.


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