No matter how reserved or “low key” you try to be, it’s virtually impossible to emerge from an average Nigerian university without a few tales to tell.


These tales could be experienced by a friend, witnessed firsthand, or just from the usual gossip that goes around campus on a daily basis.


When it comes to stealing, most people get the short end of the stick. No one really knows who the thief is. Unless on those rare occasions when the thief is not smart enough.


In the university, everything is subject to theft. From personal things like underwear, insignificant things like a writing pen and prized possesions – smartphones.

Even if you are stepping out of your room for 5 seconds, do not leave your things unattended to. Even your roommate can pull one on you.




Across the nation, higher learning institutions tend to over-enroll students on yearly basis, and also fail to plan for the welfare of said students.

In most of these institutions, facilities are extremely deplorable and largely insufficient.

This leads to over-congestion of lecture halls and students are thereby forced to sit or squat on the floor, or if you’re fortunate, lean on walls.




Every public school student can definitely relate to this anomaly.

Strikes have become synonymous with the public school system in Nigeria to the point that students now anticipate them before they come.


These strikes can stretch for months leaving the students idle at home and extending the years they intended to spend in school.



We know that the heart of man is desperately wicked… so this is not exclusive to lecturers alone but since they are in a position of power, they have the tendency misuse that power.


Lecturers have been known to fail students simply out of a dislike of the individual.

Shocking? No, because it’s a regular occurrence.



Maturity obviously doesn’t come with age. Most students don’t know what they are in school for.

Television shows are highly addictive and many students fall into the enjoyable routine even while important academic duties await.

Time spent skipping class and other school activities is enjoyed binge-watching television series in the dorm.



The female gender is in most cases the target and victim of sexual harassment.

Although it’s not exclusive to the female gender, male students also suffer sexual harassment, albeit rarely.

Some lecturers take advantage of their position and power to either fail or pass the student as a bargaining chip to pressure the student into doing them sexual favors.

It’s a sickening act but it’s what some unfortunate students fall victim to.



This is a function of planning without considering the maximum population of the institution and/or admitting students beyond capacity.

In an average Nigerian university, it isn’t farfetched to find 15 students in a room designed for six.

To even capture the health and hygiene risks that such dormitories portend, would require an essay.



Students are lazy, there’s no doubt about that.

Although there isn’t any known scientific study on the health risks of overt consumption of noodles, too much of everything is never a good thing.

Breakfast- noodles; lunch- noodles and dinner, noodles.

Due to the lack of time to prepare proper food and because noodles is affordable and easy to make, an average student would choose it in a heartbeat.



No light, no water, dilapidated buildings…

This has been the catalyst of countless riots and student protests in universities across Nigeria.

Many gain admission into universities, thinking the experience would be like how Hollywood portrays college – but alas, opposite is often the case.



“Okay ladies (and gents) let’s get in formation (information).”

The coordination and synergy among undergraduates during examination will leave many in amazement.

Some don’t even require prior planning. Sending answers back and forth like ping pong players is natural instinct.

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