Falz, the Nigerian rapper, says the country needs a general overhaul across all its spheres.


The rapper spoke about the state of the nation in an interview with Osi Suave, the Nigerian OAP.

“We need a very large and general overhaul. A lot of things need to be revamped,” he said.

“Some argue even the constitution needs amendment.


“There’s a whole lot that needs to change. It cuts across every single sphere of society.”

Earlier, Falz had charged Nigerians to get their voters card and elect the right leader in the 2023 elections.

“We’ve seen so much nonsense that the authorities haven’t owned up to. There’s so much rubbish going on,” he said,” he said.


On why he doesn’t fear speaking the “truth to power”, Falz said Nigeria is already at rock bottom.

“It’s a rough environment we’re living in. But I feel like there’s nothing to be scared of when you’re already at rock bottom. That’s how everyone should be feeling. It can’t get much worse than this,” the rapper said.

“Why would I fear for my life when the kind we exist in is not exciting. Basic amenities are unavailing. Every Nigerian is one small sickness away from either going broke or passing away. What kind of life is that?

“What’s there to be happy about or fear for in life so fickle and fragile? I’d rather die fighting for a cause than getting knocked down by a biker because there’s no proper traffic control. It’s as simple as that.”


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