Most people tend to take stock on their birthdays and as Nigeria marks one today – in the middle of a recession – what part are you playing to bring your country out of the trying times?


What is your level of commitment to the Nigerian project and the future of the country?

On this occasion of Nigeria’s 56th Independence Day, what exactly does it mean to be a patriotic citizen?

Paying taxes


How do you expect national growth if you don’t contribute towards it?

The tax you pay is an essential part of government revenue. Taxes are mainly used to finance the expenses incurred by the government to manage an economy.

These expenses include health care, education, garbage collection and operating government business entities.


Play your part.

Do not litter

99% of the country is guilty of this. Driving home or walking on the street, we tend to subconsciously throw our garbage on the street.

Discipline yourself. If you can’t find a trash can nearby, wait till you get home and dispose of your garbage properly.


Study Nigerian history

How can you know where you’re going if you don’t know where you came from?

Moving forward, seek to know Nigeria’s history for it is only when you have succinct knowledge that you will have the power to make a significant change in the country.

Learn the Nigerian anthem and pledge


Before you say everyone knows the national pledge, remember a certain ambassadorial nominee who fumbled through his recitation while being confirmed.

Nigeria’s national anthem and pledge are essential parts of our identity. Be proud. Learn them.

Fight against tribalism

There’s never been Hausa, Igbo, or Yoruba inscribed on anyone’s passport, rather Nigeria.


As from today, make conscious efforts to ignore our diversity, celebrate differences and break the chains of tribal prejudice and favouritism.

We can only move forward in unison.

Buy Nigerian-made products

Buy the naira to grow the naira, right? Don’t ignore this. Charity begins at home.

You may say Nigerian products are not as quality as foreign products but if you don’t buy and support how will they grow and improve?

You need to make certain sacrifices for the sake of your children and future generations.

Don’t cut in line

What is the rush? From fuel queues to bank queues, anything that requires a line, Nigerian are always the first to look for a shortcut.

There isn’t a traffic jam because the road is narrow, there is a traffic jam because everyone is trying to rush through a narrow road as opposed to moving in single file.

Be disciplined.

Engage in civil disobedience 

When you see an injustice in the society, violence is not the only way to fight back.

The government will not always be right but that doesn’t mean you should relax and wait for a nonexistent saviour.

No one can save Nigeria but you. Organise protests, write petitions and ensure the justice system works.

Love your neighbor 

Nigerians have the tendency to be selfish, not caring about the next person as long as they get their piece of cake.

Do not intentionally make life difficult for your fellow human being. Care for the next person as you would yourself.

Many are homeless, sick, and in abject poverty. It may not be immediately apparent but one act of kindness will go a long way.

Help someone in every opportunity that presents itself. Peace will reign.

Engage in politics

Join the conversation. Don’t just sit back and be passive.

Your voice alone may not be heard but collectively it will resound.

Learn how politics work – ignorance is not always bliss. Contribute to political parties. Send letters to your representatives and let them know what you think and/or want.

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