Alex Asogwa, the reality TV star, has urged depressed fans to never resort to drugs or suicide.


The former housemate of BBNaija took to Instagram on Monday to advise people who are battling depression.

“Hang in there if you are going through a lot. I know it feels like nobody understands your pain,” she wrote.

“You get depressed and tired. You feel alone but, please, drug and suicide are never an option.”


Asogwa also expressed disappointment in people indulging in drug abuse despite seeing its effects on others.

“I know most times I say it nicely but it baffles me,” the reality TV star further stated.

“Why will an adult even get involved in drug abuse in the first place after seeing the effects on others?


“Exception to those that got addicted to it because they were sick and placed on mediation.

“I’ve heard of such cases but the fact that one will result in drug abuse is sad.

“It does no good. Stay away from drugs!”

Alex Asogwa rose to fame after participating in the third season of the popular BBNaija show.


She has managed to carve a niche for herself in the entertainment industry as an actress.

The reality star is known for her roles in such films as ‘Nucleus’, ‘Merry Men’, and ‘Fate of Alakada’.

In 2020, Asogwa spoke about how she battled depression and fame after her exit from the BBNaija show.

“I’ve had to deal with depression twice after the reality TV show. The first time was when I came back from South Africa. I didn’t know where I was going or what was happening,” she had said.


“I once cried for one week straight. I wanted to die. I just wanted something to happen. Like ‘she slept and didn’t wake up’. But let it not be that ‘she took poison’. I was praying for death. The pressure was so much.”

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