Moving on from relationships can be an extremely difficult process.


Many overcome failed relationships quickly and focus on getting on with their lives, while others find it near-herculean.

Here are five reasons you shouldn’t wallow in a love gone sour.

It will slow you down

Dwelling on things that can’t change would only leave room for distractions. It is a waste of time and would affect your ability to properly plan for other activities.


You can ruin relationships

If you keep moaning and lamenting over a failed relationship, you are bound to irritate those around you at some point. It can also affect your perception of relationships.

Putting up a toxic attitude may give people the wrong impression about you and ruin the relationship they may be trying to build with you.

You miss out on opportunities

When you spend days and nights thinking about your relationship failures, you can miss out many great opportunities that life offers you.


Your constant state of despair may block your ability to focus on things that matter, like a dream job, vacation and even a life partner.

Bad dates and failed relationships should help one to become wiser and build stronger relationships in the future, not derail one’s progress.

Poor health

Negative thoughts don’t just make you less productive, they can slowly kill your health. Such thoughts could foster chronic stress and health issues like depression, insomnia, paranoia, and anorexia.

Slave to habits

After a bad relationship, to temporarily forget, some people turn to drugs, alcohol, frequent sexual intercourse, among others.


After indulging in these habits for some time, they over time graduate to addiction.

There’s also the potential risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases.

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