Cute Abiola, the online skit maker, has finally regained freedom after spending a few weeks in the custody of the Nigerian navy for violating its social media policy.


Saluman Dahun, the navy spokesperson, confirmed his release to TheCable Lifestyle on Friday.

He was, however, ordered to monitor those “clearing gutters” in the navy barrack for one month as punishment.

“Yes, he’s been released. But he has been given ‘extra duty’ as a form of punishment. By that, it means he would be in charge of coordinating the hygiene of the barracks for a month,” he said.


“He will be monitoring those clearing gutters and sanitation generally.”

TheCable Lifestyle also understands the funnyman was released a few days ago.

Cute Abiola, whose real name is Abdulgafar Ahmad Oluwatoyin, was detained on November 15 after he left for his Navy Town office in Lagos.


Dahun had earlier disclosed that the entertainer’s release from detention was delayed to enable the navy conclude its internal probe of the case.

“Abdulgafar’s case is being handled administratively, period. There is an internal process regarding the case of Cute Abiola. It has started. At the end of the process, you will be briefed,” he had said.

Mr. Macaroni, the comedian, first raised concerns about Abiola’s whereabouts in a Twitter post.

Macaroni had claimed that his family got words that the comedian was detained for long hours without meals.


But in reaction, the navy had said: “OSCOMP Abdulgafar is currently under custody in his unit for breaching the armed forces social media policy and refusal to obey particular orders.

“The Nigerian navy wishes to avail itself this incident to remind its personnel to comply with the provisions of the armed forces social media policy in their usage of social media platforms.”

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