Immaculate Dache, singer-songwriter, has given her take on why the Nigerian music industry is “harsh towards women”.


Of late, many prominent singers have voiced their frustration over the marginalisation of women in the industry.

Simi, Niniola and Tiwa Savage are just a few of the female singers who have lamented the alleged act.

Immaculate, 2013 finalist of Project Fame West Africa, shared with TheCable Lifestyle her view of the thinking of men who control the industry.


She said: “I feel the industry is rigid to women. There are people that will want to open a record label and will say they don’t want to sign a female. I feel some people just feel females have wahala, that being a woman, they’re emotional, you have to think of their hair, you have to think of makeup, forgetting the fact that these people are really talented.

“For me, I’m not waiting for you to do all that for me, I just need my song to be heard. My sister, Tiwa, said she’s tired of being a woman. So imagine that is Tiwa talking about that, and we’re not Tiwa. I just feel the industry is harsh towards us. They need to support us.

“They feel they will spend too much. And another thing, a woman that you sign, she was single will always get married. I’m just telling you their thoughts. They’ll get married, get pregnant, that’s nine months or one year of break from the industry.


“They are just blank to the fact that females are strong enough to handle their personal stuff. They should see that we are doing it, even without them. So they just need to be wiser and understand the business too.”

Immaculate recently released a new single titled ‘Stay’, featuring LAX.


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