The radiation emitted from mobile phones may have adverse effects on the development of specific brain regions.


Scientists say excessive use of mobile phones comes with an increase in exposure to radio-frequency electromagnetic fields (RF-EMF).

Radiation is closest to the brain when mobile phones are placed close to the head; in most cases to receive answer calls.

The investigation, led by the Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH), looked at the relationship between exposure to RF-EMF from wireless communication devices and memory performance in adolescents.


The study found that cumulative RF-EMF brain exposure from mobile phone use over one year may have a negative effect on the development of figural memory performance in adolescents.

“This may suggest that indeed RF-EMF absorbed by the brain is responsible for the observed associations,” said Martin Röösli, head of environmental exposures and health at Swiss TPH.

Other aspects of wireless communication use, such as sending text messages, playing games or browsing the internet cause only marginal RF-EMF exposure to the brain and were not associated with the development of memory performance.


The study was published on Monday in the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives.

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