Gabriel Omozele, the Nigerian online comic better known as Miz Gabbie, says female skit makers are not respected like their male counterparts.


The entertainer spoke in a chat with HipTV on Monday.

She said most people assume female skit makers are funded by rich men or into prostitution, which totally belittles their talent.

Miz Gabbie disclosed that seeking collaboration as a female skit maker, oftentimes, can be ridiculed because “people don’t take you seriously” as they do to “our male counterparts”.


She also said that the disrespect is unfair, adding that nobody should be downplayed based on their gender.

“The general term is that if you’re a content creator or if you’re out there, then you must be a prostitute or you must like men, or there is a guy funding you,” the comedian said.

“People don’t even think that if you’re a female skit maker, you can make money for yourself. They just think: because you’re making skits, there will be one man somewhere hiking you and saying ‘let me buy you jet or something.’


“I don’t think people respect female skit makers as much as they do their male counterparts. You can tell because people just feel those are the ones taking the work seriously. It’s unfair.

“We shouldn’t downplay anyone. Everybody just takes male skit makers seriously. But if you are a female skit maker, people don’t take you seriously when you reach out to them. If it’s a guy, it’ll be different.”

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