Mike Bamiloye, founder of Mount Zion Faith Ministries International, says husband snatchers will be on the losing side if the lockdown introduced to combat spread of COVID-19 continues.


Amid rising cases of the novel disease, governments in many parts of the world including Nigeria had earlier declared lockdown which forced many people to stay at home for a long period of time.

The clergyman took to his social media page on Friday to reflect on how the directive had impacted families and the society at large.

According to him, the lockdown has afforded families — especially those hitherto at loggerheads or starved of quality time — the opportunity to bond together and resolve their differences.


“If this Lockdown should continue like this, the number of healthy families  would double tremendously. Many more Husbands would stay at home, many children would have serious feeling of fatherhood,” he wrote on Instagram.

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IF THIS LOCKDOWN SHOULD CONTINUE… #mikebamiloye If this LOCK DOWN Should Continue like this, The Number of Pastors Will double. The Number of Fake Pastors who Feast on Crowds who are looking for Prayer Mountains will reduce. If this Wonderful LOCKDOWN should Continue like this: The Number of Home Cell Pastors Will increase tremendously. And the Number of Healthy Families Would double tremendously. Many more Husbands would stay at home. Many Children would have serious feeling of Fatherhood. Oh-oh! LOCKDOWN! Dear LOCKDOWN! If this LockDown should continue like this, Many Wives will enjoy their husbands more. Many Business Men husbands who never stay at home with their wives will now appreciate their Wives more. Many many Husband Snatchers Will continually be on the losing side. And many many Wives who had been losing grip on their husbands would have a hold on them. Many many wife beaters will be forced To stay under the same roof with their wives BY FORCE And many many wife haters will be forced to love their wives BY FORCE. Many many wives who never stay at home To make food for their husbands would be made to sit down and cook for their husbands and eat together BY FORCE. Couples who don’t see eye-to-eye Will be forced to sit down on the veranda of their house and stare at each other’s Eyes BY FORCE. Ah! This LOCKDOWN! Many Ministers of God Who are being cumbersomed With several ministerial Invitations that take them from Paris to Western Australia back to Frankfurt on their Way to Pretoria, And landing at Murtala Muhammad Intl Airport Lagos after 5 Weeks of “Anointed deliverance Worldwide Ministrations” will be forced to sit down at home And rest for a while. And their WIVES praising God secretly in their heart for this “God-Ordained-Husbands LockDown” That give them back their Always-TRAVELLING-Husbands. If this LOCKDOWN should continue like this , Many Many large conventions of Churches will continue to hold inside Bedrooms And Sitting rooms. And all Italian Shoes and diamond Wrist Watches will only be travelling from The Bedroom To the Sitting Room and finally to the Kitchens! (Continue in comment)

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“Many wives will enjoy their husbands more. Many business men husbands who never stay at home with their wives will now appreciate their Wives more. Many husband snatchers will continually be on the losing side and many wives who had been losing grip on their husbands would have a hold on them.”


Bamiloye also said many fake pastors parading themselves as a quick fix to people’s problems on prayer mountains would reduce if the lockdown continues.

“If this lockdown should continue the number of fake pastors who feast on crowds who are looking for prayer mountains will reduce. Many noises of fake and dubious ‘servants of God’ will reduce and and the voices of many genuine  ministers of God will continue to fill the Airwaves,” he added.

The 60-year-old cleric added that regardless of the tough times caused by the lockdown, God has been blessing his own people.

“Within this  lockdown, prayers are still being answered, wonders are still happening, blessings are still falling. Favour is still rampaging the streets of men, mercy is still roaming about the World of Men,” he said.


Bamiloye has made the headlines on numerous occasions for his comments on societal issues often interpreted from a religious perspective.

In March, he had claimed that Africa’s initial low record of the killer virus was due to fasting and prayers

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