MI Abaga, Nigerian rapper, has seen his work heavily criticised, and his standing questioned in recent time.


Since assuming the role of president of music label, Chocolate City Group, the rapper has had to deal with periodical appraisal from not just critics, but fans as well.

The most recent comes from a rapper-fan, Kead, who says Abaga is his source of inspiration and has not been providing him with that service of late.

In a song dedicated to Abaga, the budding rapper expressed disappointment in the leadership of MI, both as an artiste and a record label head honcho, touching on the situation whereby label signees were talking a walk under his watch.


On the song titled ‘A Letter To MI’, Kead criticised MI’s fourth body of work, ‘Chairman’, which didn’t get rave reviews at the time of its release.

He said MI was “too big to be doing covers”.

The young rapper, who said he “used to be [MI]’s biggest fan,” described the song as a letter from a song to a father.


After earning some praise for his song, Kead said the recognition “did not inspire him to write what he did.. he took a different approach. I Love M.I and spoke from a frustrated fan prospective”.

He continued in another tweet, saying, “ is a legend, I will never disrespect him. only spoke from a frustrated fan prospective…”

MI’s not-too-pleased response

The scathing critic of Abaga, which had circulated on the internet for the past few months, got MI’s attention on Saturday evening when the ‘Anoti’ rapper responded to Kead, in a not too pleased manner.


MI took to his Twitter page to condemn Kead’s approach, saying, “ although I wish you well in your career.. I am not pleased, touched or honored by this song… That’s all I will say”.

In another tweet, he wrote, “Ain’t nothing changed but the year it is.. rappers will still use me to promote their brand and career.. selah.. heavy lies the head”.

Following MI’s response, Kead said, “doesn’t make me love you less… you are still and have always been my idol”.

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