50% of men ‘could purchase’ sex robots in five years

While many people are of the opinion that sex robots are for the lonesome, a new survey suggests otherwise.Advertisement The survey revealed that almost half of the male population, single or in a relationship, could buy a sex robot within the next five years. At the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany, Jessica Szczuka, co-authored a study which focused on what is likely to influence men as to whether or not to buy a sex robot. A whopping 40.3 percent of the 263 straight males that were surveyed for Ms. Szczuka’s research said that they could imagine using a sex robot within the next five years.Advertisement According to Szczuka, the responses didn’t vary between those that were single and those in relationships. She also suggested that the number may be higher in the real world as participants may have lied in the survey. Speaking at the Love and Sex With Robots congress at Goldsmiths University in London, she said, “If people have the guts to say ‘yeah I could imagine that’, that’s a good sign”.Advertisement She also believes that as people grow familiar to the robots, the number “will double over time”. While just under half of men could imagine buying a sex robot within five … Continue reading 50% of men ‘could purchase’ sex robots in five years