A young Nigerian slum dweller who works as a Lagos bus conductor is gaining public admiration.


The boy, identified as Ayomide, created his own web page and online store with the help of Chess in Slums Africa, an NGO that prides itself on “unlocking the potential” of underprivileged children through education and chess.

The group, which shared a video from Ayomide’s presentation, had picked up the boy from under Oshodi bridge.

Oshodi is a Lagos suburb known for its hustle-bustle ambiance and is home to transport workers and traders.


After he was picked up from a slum in the suburb, Ayomide was reunited with his mother in far away Ekiti state.

During the reunion, Tunde Onakayo, founder of the organisation, said in a Twitter thread that the non-profit is ready to assist with sponsoring the boy’s education alongside his career as a web developer and a chess champion.

Onakayo further appreciated the people who supported the child to further explore his potential.


“Just a few months ago, Ayomide was just another random street kid working as a bus conductor and living under Oshodi bridge will no hope of a future,” Onakayo’s tweet read in part.

“Today he created his own web page and online store using HTML and CSS. We’re creating a new story for the African child.”

Earlier, Adeoye Fawaz, another bus conductor, became an overall champion in a 2021 chess contest by the NGO.


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