It all started with a chance meeting on that breezy Abuja evening.


I had gone to pick up my children from school and, suddenly, there she was, the proprietress of the school, looking rather radiant in her crimson attire.

For what seemed an eternity, I basked in the unknown warmth of a newly found celebrity status as she excitedly informed me that she has been a regular reader of my now rested column for Punch Newspaper.

As I was still trying to take in the excitement, she asked me to help teach the grade four pupils’ stuff about social media during the school’s Parent-Teaching Day.


Fast forward to the following week, I had so much fun sharing and learning some cool stuff about social media from a bunch of excited school children. I made an attempt to grasp what they already knew about the subject. I must say that I was really impressed by what they knew.

The reality is that they, too, are aware of social media. Also I told them about my ‘friend’, Mark Zuckerberg. They were quite impressed with his achievements and went further to intimate me on what they would likely ask him if they had the opportunity to meet him in real life.

It is my pleasure to share their ideas and most importantly, their questions for Mark Zuckerberg below:


First, Clare informed me that social media is something we use in connecting with people. Her question for Mark was if he was married. If so, did he love his wife? She went further to tell me that I was pretty. God bless her heart, I love girls who know how to play the flattery game.

Next, stern-looking Okwy said that social media served as a means of communication with other people online. His quick question for Mark was how he made his billions. More important, he asked about Mark’s age.

I had always thought that I was a robust storyteller until I met Emmanuel, who took time to explain how social media works.

“Social Media is like this: when you are not with someone and the person is somewhere far away, you can just go on the Internet to talk with the person or make a phone call to him or her,” he said.


I had to take a deep breath. As for Mark, Emmanuel simply wanted to know why he dropped out of Harvard University.

Calm and calculated Serena opined that social media gives one an opportunity to dialogue with someone that is not within reach. She would also love to get some freebie (108 Million dollars) from Mark.

My son, Daniel, was next. He simply reeled out about five social media platforms for me with a “deal with it” look. I was not surprised when his only question was if Mark will allow him to become his personal assistant should he dump school that minute.

No less, it will afford him an opportunity to learn at the feet of the master himself. Suffice to say that I will gladly oblige him but I am not certain his grandparents will consider doing so.


Most conversations around resource governance presume that children could hardly be bothered about affluence and lack.

I unlearned this thought when Chigozie stood up and enthused, rather quickly, that social media is a platform that enables folks to socialize with others, using the various platforms available. He hardly dwelled on this as his focus was on voicing out his question for Mark Zuckerberg.

He wanted to know what Mark would do if his money should run out. Now, this is a hugely intelligent question. I must admit that I was thoroughly impressed.

It was quite exciting attending the Facebook Question and Answer Town hall meeting held in Lagos, Nigeria and if I had the chance, I would have asked these questions on behalf of the children. Nonetheless, it was a great networking meeting and I am glad to have participated.


If you missed out physically and virtually, I have great news for you. You can click here to watch the live recording of the event and please share with folks around you.

About Blossom Ozurumba:

Blossom is a writer, compère and public servant. She co-founded, Digital Media Development Initiative, a non-profit that contributes to sustainable development of Nigeria’s individuals and organizations through the innovative use of Digital Media. She has increasingly become known as a gender equity advocate with her core messaging that demands non-compromise in valuing competence, capacity and character. She currently works as the Technical Assistant on New Media to the Honorable Minister of State, Petroleum Resources. She lives in Abuja, Nigeria. To relax, she plays golf, dabbles with photography for and reads African Literature. She hopes to write a book one day while sharpening her writing skills on

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