Like every other sex-related topic, the average African is hesitant when it comes to discussing the importance of maintaining a healthy vagina.


The vagina is usually thought to be dirty and smelly but the good news is; like every other body part, the vagina can be kept healthy and smelling of rose petals.

A huge percentage of Nigerian women do not visit the gynecologist for checkup because they are not comfortable discussing their lady parts while some view it as a waste of time and money.

However, it’s neither.


Here are some ways to maintain a healthy vagina.

Water is your best friend

Water should be called a woman’s best friend. It helps the skin look bright and acne will be a distant memory. In the case of your lady parts, washing with water is your safest bet.


Cleaning with soaps and feminine wash may distort the microbial balance and this could lead to infections.

Also, drinking enough water will get rid of that uncomfortable smell. Like the mouth, the vagina is a mucus surface so it needs to be hydrated to stay fresh and look healthy.

So instead of spending money on feminine wash, be economical and safe at the same time, use water.

If you insist on feminine wash…


If you feel uncomfortable washing with just water, use feminine wash occasionally.

Gynecologists have proven over time that the vagina is self-cleansing and does not necessarily need extra help.

Sisters, the extra scrubbing is not needed. Handle with care.

You are what you eat


You might not believe it but what you eat affects how you smell down there. Eating red meat, garlic could cause an awful smell down there.

The logic is the same as that of the armpit or mouth; eating a meal heavy with garlic would give a bad breath.

Bitter coffee, cigarettes are other things that could give a bad smell.

After water comes yoghurt.


Lactobacillus is part of the good bacteria that keeps the vagina healthy. Another rich source of this bacteria is yoghurt and cheese. So if you want to keep it healthy, drink some yoghurt.

Fruits and vegetables

This may sound cliché but the benefits of fruits and vegetables cannot be over emphasised. Fruits like pineapples and watermelon will do a lot in giving your lady parts a fresh smell.

Mangoes and fruits in the citrus family like oranges, grapes and lemon will help a lot too. The same applies to vegetables.

Stay away from too much sugar

Excess sugar makes a woman prone to yeast infections. Yeast is a microbe that acts in the presence of sugar and yeast is one of the many microbes found down there.

So when you take too much sugar, it could lead to an increase in yeast and that could make the vagina lose its balance of the microbes… and voila, an infection is on the way

Take antibiotics with caution

Antibiotics are supposed to get rid of bad bacteria but sometimes they can go overboard especially if you do not get the dosage right.

Knowing how important bacteria balance is for the vagina, it’s important to use antibiotics with caution.

Cotton underwear please

Your lady parts like to breath, give it some space. This explains why there is a cotton lining in the crotch area of female underwear.

Nylon underwear does more harm than good. Take note.

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