Some students of Babcock University have lamented that the web link provided for the institution’s second-semester exams redirected to other online platforms.


On Tuesday, the varsity, which is situated within Ilishan-Remo in Ogun state, had postponed its online assessments after many students were unable to take their papers due to a server glitch.

There were, however, reports circulating on social media platforms that the exam link was redirecting to Bet9ja, a sports betting platform, among others.

Speaking with TheCable Lifestyle on Wednesday, a student, who claimed he was affected by the technical problem, said his computer had redirected to an ad page while he was awaiting the next prompt.


“I think it’s probably just a server pop-up error. By next week, everything should be good for sure. We were just on the page and we were waiting. Then it redirected. But it was just an ad,” he said.

On his part, a medical student with the varsity said that those taking the exams had differing experiences with the issue, adding that the institution had begun taking steps to address the glitch.

“The server wasn’t going through for some people while some others were able to write. People were saying different things but the issue is being resolved,” he said.

“What actually happened was that Babcock was trying to go ahead of itself. Too many people got on the website at the same time and it appeared they weren’t prepared enough for that.”


When contacted, Joshua Suleiman, Babcock’s marketing and communications director, said the exam portal first encountered hitches on Monday, but worked on Tuesday morning only for “interruptions” to later re-emerge.

“The online exam was to start on Monday but we couldn’t because of technical hitches. By Tuesday, the system was working, which was why students who wrote their first morning papers were able to do so,” he explained.

“Others later called in with the complaint of inaccessibility to the exam portal. This made us suspend other exams that were supposed to hold for the week to do a reassessment of the hardware-software infrastructure.

“We did all that we could to make sure the system worked seamlessly. In the tech system, we could sometimes have certain unwarranted interruptions that might get out of control.


“We decided that, since we’ve done all we can, we should go the extra mile towards making sure that the server, no matter what external factors we might have, will not impede the efficiency of the system when we reactivate it to continue exams by next Monday.”

In a letter issued on Tuesday, Jonathan Nwosu, the varsity’s registrar, had confirmed that exams would now be rescheduled for May 18 due to “extraneous technical hitches” beyond control.

According to him, students who successfully completed their papers would not be allowed to retake them as they would be disabled while those who could not are guaranteed another opportunity.

“Be informed that the university has sophisticated computer hardware resources, specifically dedicated, to accommodate all that is needed for this exercise,” he had said.


“We have a functional 32-core processor blade server, 512 GB RAM, sufficient SSD storage, and other necessary accessories capable of handling the resources required to conduct the exams.”

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