It is often difficult to tell a story about millennials and their succeeding generation, Gen Z, without resorting to overstated clichés and stereotypes, exaggerating their relationship with technology and paying little attention to the fact that members of these generations have unique journeys.


So how do we honestly tell a story that reflects the true nature of these generations and in a different way that is reflective of whom they are at an individual level – aside from what we’ve been told to believe?

Life 101, a new movie series from Ebony Life TV and Malta Guinness, does that in a way.

Does it have scenes and conversations that are less than appealing? Yes!


But overall – based on the episodes this writer saw at the premiere – Life 101 isn’t a bag of clichés neither is it an attempt to toll the usual line of storytelling in our clime.

Spiced with scenes that left the entire cinema audience reeling with laughter and delight, the series explore the lives of four recently admitted university students.

To the credit of the series’ writer, each of the character – like every human being – has a unique story, fears, ambitions, and weaknesses that were explored, allowing viewers an opportunity to bond with the characters as they find reflections of themselves and get to know them at an even deeper level.


The series is unique in its own way as it explores the stories of each character in a two dimension world: their real selves and alter egos – who express the behaviours these characters hope and dream for in real life but are unable to be.

And even though the series lacks the glitz and glam of Fifty, the star-studded lineup of The Wedding Party, or the rarity of The Caliphate (all works by ELTV), it is, however, a body of work that stands on its own right, banking on the honesty of its storylines to attract and keep viewers – and hopefully gain its own following.

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