Lying is viewed as a grave offence in relationships, yet the act of deception is extremely common in romantic affairs.


A school of thought believes that some situations do not require telling the truth hence – lying by omission and white lies.

There are a number of reasons through which people justify the lies they tell in relationships.

They include:


Fear of being alone

Many would rather live a lie and build on it than say a truth that will lead to the end of their relationship.

To control perception


People use lies to cover up bad things because they don’t want to be seen in a negative light by their partners.

To avoid conflict

Conflicts are not fun to look forward to in a relationship. To avoid this, people simply cover up their actions with a lie.

To protect someone they love


Some people can not bear the thought of betraying the trust of people who love them. Often times, they think that the truth will hurt this special person.


What about you? Would you lie to protect someone you love?

POLL: What kind of lie is acceptable in a relationship?

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