A person might learn a new language for the purpose of business, travel, job, and family or personal decisions.


Ideally, people learning a new language want to do so as fast as possible but learning a new language can be challenging.

In addition to learning new words, an individual will also need to learn how to apply these words into grammatically correct sentences.

Language learning institutions and language tutors swear by their credibility to teach the mastery of a new language to a student in a short period of time.


In certain cases, these claims may not be true. This is because the key ingredient in learning a new language is missing: which involves more commitment from the speaker than the teacher or tutor.

Despite the initial challenge, it is very possible to learn a new language as fast as possible with the following three steps:

Set a language level goal


In most languages, the three basic levels include beginner, intermediary and advanced.

By setting a goal, a person is able to predict a timeline for studying the language and when they hope to begin interacting in that language. also, goal setting helps to measure and track progress made.

Use tools

With the help of tech, it is very possible to learn a language without a human tutor. Downloading applications like FleuntU, and Duolingo, gives user access to an unlimited supply of language grammar, phonetic, oral and written lessons.


Also, platforms like YouTube provide content creators whose main focus is language tutoring.

In the absence or dissatisfaction of the use of these tech tools, one might opt for language learning and cultural institutions like Goethe and Alliance Française.

Reside in a community speaking the language

The fastest way to learn a new language is to constantly practise with speakers of that language. But sometimes practising isn’t quite enough.


Residing in a community where the language you’re learning is spoken, does two important things: it leaves the learner with little choice but to interact in the language and pushes the learner to immerse the culture of the language they’re learning.

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