The lawyers of Barry Jhay, Nigerian singer, say the police authorities in Ghana have cleared him of murder allegations in the case of Kashy Godson, a record label boss found dead near his home.


On March 7, Godson, who is the CEO of Cash Nation, the record label under which the singer Barry Jhay operates, had been declared dead after he was reported to have plunged down from his apartment’s balcony in suicide.

The incident had occurred after a video surfaced showing Godson and Barry Jhay had engaged each other in a fight.

This led to assumptions on social media that the singer had something to do with the death of the record producer.


Following an investigation into a case during which all parties involved were questioned, his lawyers said the police issued a report where it stated that Barry Jhay had exited the building before his manager plunged to his death.

The report said the incident occurred at a Beuaford Ridge building in Adabraka. It added that the confrontation between Barry Jhay and Kashy occurred after a female friend had reported that the deceased was “behaving abnormally”.

“An investigation conducted so far has proven that the suspect Oluwakayode Balogun @ Barryjhay had run away from the apartment and crossed the road at exactly 12:41 am when the deceased committed suicide,” the report read.


“He threw himself from the fourth floor to the ground floor at exactly 12:53 am thus a twelve-minute interval.

“This assertion was corroborated by an eye witness and the CCTV camera Footage report, as well as the security guards who were on duty, had to move up to the scene to control the situation.

“Due to the violent nature of the deceased, they could not overpower him and had to come back for reinforcement.

“Later, security men found the deceased dead, when he threw himself down from the fourth floor to the ground.”


“Barry Jhay was unaware of manager’s death, aided police”

In its own statement, Whitestone Solicitors noted that the singer was unaware that his manager had committed suicide and that it was the police who informed him of the development.

To corroborate the statement, Barry Jhay’s lawyers also shared CCTV footage of the moment the singer had exited the building.

“An eye witness who could not bear the disturbances proceeded to his (Eye Witness) balcony and pleaded with the deceased to minimize his noise as it was very late at night.  It was reported that the deceased ignored,” they wrote.


“The eyewitness could do nothing and left the deceased to his fate. The deceased, while swinging back and forth, lost balance and fell from the 4th floor of the apartment to the ground in a prostrate position.

“The police was immediately contacted and upon arriving at the scene, the deceased was found lying in his pool of blood. The body was thereafter conveyed to the Police Hospital and medical officers confirmed him dead.

“…Barryjhay made himself available to the Ghana Police to report the violence perpetrated against him by the deceased without prior knowledge of Babatunde’s (Kashy) death.

“Upon finding out about Babatunde’s death, he assisted the Police by providing information to aid investigations. He was subsequently cleared of any involvement whatsoever in the death of Mr. Babatunde Michael.”


According to the lawyers, the security men had called for back-up when the violence broke out before the suicide.

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