Dimples are depressions that appear on the cheeks of people — not everyone — and they considered to be cute.


Dimples either exists permanently or forms in the cheeks when one smiles.

What most people do not know is that dimples are actually genetic defects. Yes, don’t be surprised. The truth is that these depressions are caused by shortened facial muscles.

This facial muscle is called zygomaticus major. This malformation is caused by a fault in the subcutaneous connective tissue that develops in the course of embryonic development.


It is not apparent when the muscle is at rest but when the muscles are stretched, it pulls on the facial skin and forms the depression.

Sometimes, dimples can be caused by the presence of excessive fat on the face.

Although this type vanishes when the excessive fat is burnt off, it is not an indicator of good health and can be eliminated through proper diet and exercise.


Dimples are hereditary and it is a dominant trait, which means that when one of the parents has dimples, it would be passed on to the child.

When neither of the parents has it, it should be absent in the child and it is only present when the child experiences a spontaneous mutation.

Interestingly, this genetic malformation is greatly admired by people and you may have probably tried to create one on your cheek by pressing your pencil deep into your face.

Fans of this dent have tried to use makeup to create an impression that they have dimples. Some have even tried plastic surgery.


For people who love dimples, it is a huge turn on for them; it is popularly associated with youth and can sometimes aid sexual attractiveness.

One might just conclude that some defects are blessings in disguise.

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