Many have always assumed that cold and flu are the same because of the similarities in their symptoms.


The two are, however, caused by different viruses and there are slight variations in their symptoms.

Common cold and flu are both respiratory illnesses but the symptoms of flu are more intense than that of common cold, Medical Daily reports.

Patients experiencing cold usually have running or stuffy nose which doesn’t result in serious health problems in most cases.


Flu, however, can lead to serious complications like bacterial infections, pneumonia or hospitalisation.

Common cold could be as a result of the weather and it usually doesn’t last days; it’s symptoms are usually sore throat, sneezing, cough, headache or body aches, and mild tiredness.

Even though symptoms associated with common cold are similar to flu symptoms, patients, however, experience different and more severe symptoms of flu right from the onset.


These symptoms are dry cough, sore throat, shaking chills, severe muscle or body aches, headache and extreme tiredness which may last up to two weeks.

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