G-Worldwide Entertainment has accused Kiss Daniel of evading service of court papers.


The artiste and his former record label have been at each other’s throats owing to his exit from the record label in October.

The label said it had secured a court order stopping him from the exploitation of songs recorded under the label and also to stop the use of his stage name, a request which the artiste has described as “laughable”.

Daniel had said there was no such order, but in reaction, the record label, in a statement signed by Emmanuel Egah, said it would be in the singer’s best interest to adhere to the court orders.



The management of G-world having reached out to its lawyers on the response of the lawyers to Kiss Daniel and was advised that there was no need joining issues on legal principles on the media as the matter is before a court of law.

The proper thing is for Kiss Daniel and his team to receive the processes from the court and file their own response. But for the purpose of saving the public from misinformation, the below explanation is given with an advice for Kiss Daniel and his team to do the needful.


To be clear, the orders of the injunction sought against Kiss Daniel was sought in addition to other orders as the court may deem fit to make in the circumstances in view of the acts of infringement of G-worldwide’s rights under the recording contract which was placed before the court. 

The court having heard the application considered it proper to grant an order of status quo dating back to the recording contract. Hence, what the court directed is the position of parties under the recording contract has to be maintained. Now, under the recording contract, Mr. Oluwatobiloba Daniel Anidugbe is not to use his stage name Kiss Daniel or publish or perform any of the songs without the express consent of G-world Entertainment. 

It is apparent that Kiss Daniel and his team have not seen or have chosen not to see the order of the court. We also have information that service of the process on Kiss Daniel was evaded yesterday morning when he was informed by his security guard that a court official had brought documents for him. 

It is regrettable that Kiss Daniel without reading the full text of the application for the interim orders (which can be gotten by a simple search of the court’s records) to understand the clear purpose of the order, has denied the existence of the order and its import. 


The attempt to mislead the public is unfortunate and disgraceful. We expect him to say he has received the documents and he and his team are working to respond to the claims. 

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