Kevin Hart, a US comedian and actor, has come out to affirm his support for Ellen DeGeneres, a talk show host, amid allegations that she has long fostered a toxic workplace on her show.


Since March, the 62-year-old television host has been the subject of multiple allegations on not communicating with the crew members of The Ellen Degeneres Show about pay during the pandemic-induced shutdown.

In an Instagram post, Hart, 41, decried the multiple calls and heated criticism on social media while lamenting that people came at him for supporting and being loyal to his friend.

“Social media is getting out of hand. From showing support for a friend, you get a roar of frustration from so many; phones going off the f**king hook. I’m a friend,” he said.


“It’s like I’ve been trying my best to make sure I’m there for all of them. When did we lose sight of reality? People are forgetting how to be people. People are now programs. When did we get here?”

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I love to love…. Hurry up & get here 2021….this year is fucking ASS…throw this shit in the can

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Hart suffered a back injury after his 1970 Plymouth Barracuda, an electric vehicle, he purchased to celebrate his birthday, veered off the highway in Malibu Hills, crashed through a wooden fence.


To critics who claimed he wasn’t there for Nick Cannon, a rapper, when he was going through his public issue with Viacom, the 41-year-old stated that Cannon was with him during the ordeal.

“As a friend, if I have a friend in trouble, I’ll do my best to try to be there for them. People were like, ‘what about Nick?’ Because you didn’t see it means I wasn’t there for Nick?” Hart further asked.

“Nick was over my house every goddamned day when he went through his shit. I called the presidents of many studios, reached out to them to try to see what we can do to find a solution.”


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