Ned Nwoko, the Nigerian businessman, has opened up on his split from Laila Charani, his former wife.


Laila, the Moroccan woman, who was Nwoko’s fifth wife, had revealed in November that she had divorced him.

While multiple insinuations had circulated on social media, Laila didn’t reveal the reasons for their separation.

One of such rumours was that Regina Daniels, the Nollywood actress who is married to Nwoko, had patronised Jaruma, the sex therapist.


Jaruma sells Kayanmata which, in Nigeria, are herbs or potions that act as sex or love enhancers and aphrodisiacs.

It is a combination of herbs, fruits, and spices used to heighten and stimulate the sexual feelings of one’s partner.

They were originally used by married women to spice up sexual relations but have, over time, been peddled online as voodoo-like herbs for young ladies looking to attract attention from rich men or “secure” their husbands.


Nwoko, like Regina, denied any involvement with Jaruma and her products, contrary to the claims by the therapist.

In a lengthy statement via his Instagram page on Wednesday, the politician wrote: “Ned Nwoko has nothing whatsoever to do with Jaruma products in relation to his cordial relationship with his actress wife, Regina Daniels.

“As for Jaruma who claimed that her kayamata is working on Ned Nwoko and that was why his wife Laila left, such speculation is baseless and laughable. Jaruma married a younger man.

“How come the marriage that produced a child ended barely after one year? How come Kayamata didn’t work on the husband. Gullible fans might not know that the ex-husband left her despite the kayama effects on him.”


Ned Nwoko: Why I divorced Laila Charani

On what prompted his divorce from Laila, Nwoko spoke of an alleged affair on the part of his Moroccan ex-wife.

Ned Nwoko’s Moroccan wife says she’s divorced

He said the marriage broke due to irreconcilable differences which started when Laila went on holiday in London.

“When she got to London, she abandoned the kids. No money was spent on them for clothes, in spite of financial provisions. She spent the money on herself. She did plastic surgery without informing her husband,” Nwoko wrote.


“She went to nightclubs and got coronavirus. The kids, left unattended, caused substantial damages in their hotel suite. He spent 7,000 pounds as a penalty for the damages before she was allowed to get their belongings.

“They were moved to another hotel at extra expense. She beat up the kids because they told their father that their mother abandoned them. From clubbing several times, she contracted covid 19 and had to be isolated.

“Ned Nwoko was compelled to spend additional money to bring the kids back to Nigeria. A Nanny was hired at a huge cost to escort the kids home, to Nigeria while Laila stayed back in London to recover from Covid-19.

“She was also in contact with a man. Laila was always on phone with a strange man. The relationship with the man started in January 2021. But the burble burst last August when she went on the summer holidays in London.”


London police waded amid fight with ‘secret lover’

Further detailing their marital problems and how he discovered Laila’s purported secrete lover, Nwoko said the London police had gotten involved at some point after his ex-wife had an altercation with the said man.

“Laila met physically in London with the man. According to her lawyer, Laila met with the man in a hotel where he was working. Diligent checks however revealed that they met actually on the internet eight months earlier,” he said.

“While in London, she had issues with him which attracted the police. Then she got a lawyer and reported the matter. She never informed Nwoko about her matter with the man which involved the London police and lawyer.

“Up till now, Ned Nwoko does not know the details of what transpired in London. He is totally unaware.

“The neglect of the kids, violence on them, plastic surgery without the knowledge of her husband, wayward lifestyle abroad, contact with a man, police case, and involvement of a lawyer in London were the major concerns.

“Ned Nwoko found these disturbing and unacceptable.  In all these weighty allegations, her only defense was that someone “set her up.’She never explained who did and for what purpose.”

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