The key to longevity is recognising that your partner has individual choices, flaws and peculiar attributes which may vary from yours due to belief, past relationships and background.

Dating without judgment or contempt keeps a relationship healthy and long-lasting.

Here are five things you should never judge your partner for:

Their past

There is nothing worse than judging your partner based on what they may have been years ago.

Such judgements would only make them feel bad and put you further apart.

You have a past, your partner has a past, It is what makes you. Deal with it.

Their appearance

It might be a haircut, a horrible colour/outfit combination. If you really love this person, you will let some of these things slide.

Let them love themselves by wearing what they like, which will help them feel comfortable in their own skin and more comfortable with you.

What you have heard about them from other people

People who know your partner — friends, family members or colleagues — will definitely have opinions about the person you are with.

You can listen politely, but remember you are the only one who knows what your love life is like, and how you treat each other is what matters the most.

Their body count

Your partner might be way more or less experienced than you. Don’t let his/her relationship history make you feel weird.

Try and care less about the fact that they have slept with more or fewer people than you. Don’t be judgemental!

Their negative qualities

When you focus on your partner’s negative traits, these flaws will eventually magnify in your eyes.

Rather, remember the reasons you fell in love with your partner. Look for and focus on his/her wonderful traits, positive qualities, among other attributes.

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